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Fall 2012

Don Mykles, CSU professor and former associate dean in Natural Sciences, has been named the new director of the University Honors Program at Colorado State University

Mykles steps in for Bob Keller, who served as director of the Honors Program for the last 13 years. Reflecting on this transition from Keller to Mykles, Alan Lamborn, vice provost for Undergraduate Affairs, said, “I am particularly happy that we have a person with Don’s experience, educational insight and professionalism to succeed Bob Keller. Bob has not only served as director longer than anyone other than Willard Eddy, who founded the program in 1957, he has been instrumental in guiding the program through a series of important curricular innovations and growing the program to historically unprecedented levels.
“In all these ways, Bob has set the standard for leadership at a very high level. In Don Mykles, we have found a person who has the ability to be a worthy successor.”

Mykles, who joined the CSU community in 1985, is a faculty member in biology as well as the Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences Program and the Cell and Molecular Biology Program. He also serves as a scholar in the School of Global Environmental Sustainability, or SoGES. He has served as interim chair and assistant chair in the Department of Biology and associate dean in the College of Natural Sciences.

He has received awards for his research and undergraduate mentoring, including the National Science Foundation Young Investigator, Fulbright Scholar at University of Heidelberg, Distinguished Research Fellow at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory, Outstanding Honors Academic Advisor, and the College of Natural Science Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research Award.

Mykles studies the hormonal control of growth and limb regeneration in crabs and lobsters, which has application for crustacean aquaculture, the management of fisheries and understanding the effects of environmental pollution and climate change.

Mykles received his Ph.D. in zoology from the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to teaching at CSU, he was a postdoctoral fellow in biochemistry at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

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FALL 2012 Class of incoming students included students from 36 states outside Colorado.  The largest percentage of them chose the College of Natural Sciences.  Engineering was next.  Nearly two thirds are from Colorado (64%) and 70% are women.

The Honors Student Association selected Dr. Jorge Ramirez as the Honors Prof of the Year.   He is a professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Kayla Whitehead nominated Dr. Ramirez.  She was impressed that he knew students’ names before they got to their first class with him. Needless to say, there was an immediate connection.  Dr. Ramirez will present the Honors Prof Lecture on November 27th in the Lory Student Center Theatre.  Other nominees for the award were Mark Brown, Mary Elkins, Robert Keller, Jen Krafchick, Liba Pejchar, Dale Lockwood, and John Walrond.

Dr. Eulanda Sanders was recognized as the Honors Adviser of the Year.  She was a professor in Design and Merchandising.  She is known for her special “Saturdays with Sanders” which helped design students expand their knowledge.  Her nominator, Stephanie Miller, stated that she is truly a mentor, always positive, uplifting and inspiring.  Others nominated were Mark Fiege, Pamela Coke, Kathy Thornhill, Kelly Swetich,  and Bob Lee.


Willard O. Eddy Scholarship

Emily Dommermuth
Emily graduated Littleton High School with a top rank of her graduating class. She is a Biological Science major with a passion for wildlife and conservation. Emily is a member of the Honors Student Association and volunteers with The Family Center/ La Familia every week. Emily’s advisor, Randall Boone said,” She is the most driven undergraduate student I have worked with during my dozen years at Colorado State University.” Her Honors thesis is “Factors Effecting Migration Status of Odocoileus Hemionus in Northern Colorado.” She plans on continuing her education and getting her masters in a similar field.

Maya Benko
Maya graduated from Niwot High School in Longmont, CO at the top of her class. She is majoring in English and English Education with a minor in Spanish. Maya has studied abroad in Spain and is currently student teaching at Rocky Mountain High School.  She has been involved with Campus Corps since 2010 and is basing her Honors thesis on restructuring the “Supporting School Success” aspect of Campus Corps. Maya plans on continuing her education to teach bilingual education or English as a second language.

Gladys Eddy Scholarship

Kellen Wittkop
Kellen graduated Legacy High School with an outstanding GPA. She is double majoring in Economics and English. She is also double minoring in Business Administration and Political Science.  Kellen is the ASCSU Supreme Court Chief Justice and head editor of the Spiritus Mundi Honors Literary Magazine. This summer she traveled with the USA Olympic Women’s Basketball team as their manager.  Her Honors thesis is, “An Economic Analysis of Campus Corps' Effect on At-Risk Youth Recidivism.” She is currently applying to law schools.


Students First Scholarship

Kristen Horsley
Kristen Horsley graduated from Round Rock High School in Texas. She is majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Zoology. Kristen is currently the President of The Honors Student Association and is the treasurer of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She volunteers for many different organizations including the Open Door Mission, RamRide, and Animal House. Santiago Di Pietro said, “Simply put Kristen is the best undergraduate student I ever had, and this comparison included other Honor students with 4.0 GPA.” Her Honors thesis is, “Performance of a Small Animal Surgery: Ovariohysterectomy.”

Richardson Scholarship

Kelly Mauser
Kelly is a Physics major with a minor in Mathematics. She plans on graduate school to study condensed matter physics. Kelly is the current president for the Society of Physics Students and is a member of the newly formed Women in Physics club. She is currently working with Dr. Mark Bradley on researching broad beam ion bombardment and will presents at the CSU Undergraduate Research event.  Dr. Bradley gave a glowing recommendation and compliments the work she has done and will do in the future.

Dayton McMillan
Dayton McMillan is a Radiological Health Sciences major with a specialization in Health Physics. Dayton graduated from Cody High School in Cody Wyoming. Over the summer, Dayton conducted research at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. His thesis will be based on the research completed there. He was an Honors Program Peer Mentor and a safety on the CSU Varsity Football team. Dayton is a volunteer for the Radiation Biology Lab and tutors in Organic Chemistry and Human Physiology. He plans to continue his education focusing on radiological health.

Jeffrey Wischhusen
Jeff is double majoring in Biological Science and Biochemistry with a minor in Biomedical Science. After he completes his undergrad at CSU, he plans to go to medical school and be involved with Doctors without Borders. Jeff presented on ecstasy at Brain Awareness Week 2012 and has received his EMT and IV therapy certifications. Jac Nickoloff recommended Jeff saying, “He is highly dedicated to a career in biomedical sciences, and is the best undergraduate research assistant of 20 that I’ve trained over my 23 year career.”

Muller Scholarship

Allison Kotewicz
Allison is a graduate from River Hill High School in Clarksville, MD with an extraordinary GPA.  She is a Mechanical Engineering Major with a minor in Spanish. Lindsay is currently the president of Pi Tau Sigma and a member of the Bolivia Project. She has been an RA in multiple residence halls. Maite Correa said,” Allison is definitely one of my top 2% of ALL time. Her curiosity and willingness to see things from every possible angle is astonishing.”  Lindsay’s Honors thesis will be completed with her Engineering Senior Design project.

Lindsay Leech
Lindsay graduated from Crawfordsville High School in Crawfordsville, Indiana at the top of her class. She is a Biomedical Science major and plans to attend Indiana University School of Medicine after she graduates. She plans on practicing in an underserved rural community. Lindsay has participated in many service and leadership activities including the College of Veterinary medicine and Biomedical Sciences Council and interning at the Salud Family Health Center.  Dr. Tod Clapp said, “Her enthusiastic nature, ability to convey information on complex topics and rapport with others stands out immediately.” Her thesis project will focus on obesity and depression.

Honors Student Achievements

Donna Shavlik, member of the inaugural Honors Program, to address Honors graduates at Fall Graduation Reception.  She graduated with a degree in Horticulture and went on to head the American Council on Education’s Office of Women in Higher Education.  She is currently a principal in the Timberline Group.  The ceremony recognizing the fall Honors graduates will be held on Friday, December  14th. 

Lisa Dompier  wins a Fulbright Award.  Connor Jandreau identified as an alternate.
Ms. Dompier received a Bachelor of Arts in English with a Spanish minor. She volunteered to teach English conversation in Mongolia and she wrote her Honors thesis on the topic of teaching abroad.  She is from Loveland, Colorado.

Connor Jandreau graduated in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology and Studio Art. He is currently in a natural resource management master’s degree program in Manitoba.  He founded the heARTafricafund, a nonprofit working towards sponsoring secondary education for orphaned Kenyan youth.  He hopes to investigate ecological and social influences of new conservation models in Kenya in order to improve rangelands, ecosystems, and livelihoods.

Two honors students, Chris Counts and Erin Renfrew, have been working on ghost town project.  Mark Brown, director of undergraduate research and artistry, brought students from different disciplines to build a data base on Dearfield, a Colorado town that was once a successful all black farming community.  The town was established in 1920 and was home to 300 people.  By the early 1920’s the town had a post office, two churches, a blacksmith, a public school and a dance hall.  The drought of the 1930’s drove off all but 12 residents.
   The project involves students from any disciplines.  They are working to create a 3D map of the community that will provide a digital tour of the town.  They are also taking the interviews given by former residents in the 1960’s and transferring them from reel to reel to digital format. Another project being undertaken is the preservation of a World War 1 military uniform worn by an African American soldier and a 48 star American flag.  Honors student, Erin Renfrew, worked with a graduate student to analyze the material and to decide how to preserve and store it.  Erin also researched historical records to identify the soldier’s military division. 

Darryl Beemer’s cutaway engine project is used as an educational tool. He took a lawnmower engine and exposed its interior to interest school children in mechanical engineering. This Honors student also works as a Ram Handler and participates in the President’s Leadership Program .  Another Honors student and Ram Handler, Laura Bowman, has entered the Master’s program in Public Policy and Administration.
 http:/ /today.colostate.edu/story.aspx?id=7522

Meghan Carpenter was recognized by the Political Science Department as the Outstanding Senior in the spring 2012.  She graduated with two majors and two minors.

Kate Harrison, Political Science 2009, has been recognized for her contributions to Henry Sokoloski’s publications The Next Arms Race and Nuclear Nonproliferation: Moving Beyond Pretense. 

Resident Advisors in the Academic Village this year are Zach Schrag, Chris Quam, Jennifer Woodard, Atisha Morrison, Allison Peterson, and Kayla Whitehead.  Honors RAs in Edwards are Cheyenne McCoy, Yvonne O’Neill, and William Mahre. 

Julia Williams graduated in the spring 2012 with an art major and a music minor.  She wrote and illustrated a children’s book for her Honors thesis.  She completed an internship at Vermillion Design + Interactive in Boulder in addition to playing French horn in the University Symphony Orchestra.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/coloradostateuniversitynews

Austin Ord, Spring 2012 graduate in HDFS and Business Administration, won the William Wasson Student Leadership Award from the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association.  This is the highest honor a student can receive from this professional organization.