CURC Award Winners

First Name Last Name Co-Authors Poster Title Mentor(s) Award
Pomaikai Cathcart   Does Wheat Genotype Affect Nitrogen Mineralization in the Rhizosphere? Courtland Kelly; Steve Fonte Highest Honors
Valerie Davis Sam Bryan Precision Agriculture using Networks of Degradable Analytical Sensors Raj Khosla; Subash Dahal College Honors
Hope Raymond   Microbial Communities Associated with Drippy Blight in Colorado and Drippy Nut in California  Jane E. Stewart; Jorge Ibarra Caballero; Ian Pearse  College Honors
First Name Last Name Co-Authors Poster Title Mentor(s) Award
Kieran Abbotts Kole Harms The Endurance Benefits of Sprint Interval Training Are Not Dependent on Scheduling Training at The Same Time of Day Christopher Bell; Taylor Ewell Best in Show
Leonardo Andrade   Branching Out Sam Desta  Social Justice and Diversity 
Annie Campain   Testing the Feasibility of Food Photography as a Measurement of Food Consumption in Restaurant  Settings Mackenzie Ferrante; Savanah Cheatham-Elliott; Laura Bellows College Honors
William Mahoney   Using a stable isotope tracer to measure protein synthesis rates in brains of young and old Dunkin Hartley guinea pigs Robert V Musci; Maureen A Walsh; Karyn L Hamilton College Honors
Dominica Manlove   Be Yourself and Own It! Melissa Edwards; Sam Desta Social Justice and Diversity 
Dulce Olmedo   Implementing Principles of Community: Incidence of Bias Intervention  Sam Desta  Service Learning Award - Third Place
Brayden Smith   Feasibility, Adherence, and Gastrointestinal Tolerability of Daily Consumption of Microgreens in Healthy Middle-aged/ Older Adults Sarah Johnson; Kiri Michell Highest Honors
First Name Last Name Co-Authors Poster Title Mentor(s) Award
Dominic Baca   Circle Forward: Using Restorative Practices to Combat Incidents of Bias on Campus Sam Desta Service Learning Award - First Place
Andrea Buer   Art: Synapse Melissa Laugen Highest Honors
Herman  Chavez   Field Notes Ryan Claycomb Fiction Honorable Mention
Tiffany  Garcia   Isamu Noguchi’s Sunken Garden: A Visual Metaphor for Existence and the Artist’s Role in Society Emily Moore Writing Overall Winner
Elena Haverluk   Art as Outreach: A Snapshot of Ancient Native American Lifeways in Colorado (1285)   College Honors
Anne Koppes   An Analysis of Musical and Historical Experimentation in Jean-Philippe Rameau’s Génération Harmonique Dr Abigail Shupe High Honors
Joel Sandoval   Stop Dreaming   Poetry Honorable Mention
Justin Smith   Occupational Segregation of Ethnic Minorities in England and Wales Dr. Simonetta Longhi College Honors
First Name Last Name Co-Authors Poster Title Mentor(s) Award
Ryan Gardner   Project Seabiscuit Jennifer Neuwald College Honors
John Hagan   Electrochemical Characterization of VO[ClHSHED]catecholates. Dr. Debbie C Crans; Allison Haase; Heide Murakami College Honors
William Hostetter   Effects of filamin-c mutations on heart flow characteristics in zebrafish Deborah Garrity; Neha Ahuja College Honors
Spencer Johnson   Love Letter to a Fermion   Poetry Honorable Mention
Connor King   Characterizing alternate isoforms of the plant MutS Homologue 1 Daniel Sloan; Amanda Broz High Honors
Kathryn Long   Transcription Termination Factor in Archaea Bree Wenck; Thomas Santangelo;  College Honors
Darcy Moore   The Role of Temperature on Lipid Content and Allocation of Common Diatom Species in the Labrador Sea and Interactions with Marine Mammal Diet Quality Shane Kanatous College Honors
Annemarie Parker   Capturing RNA localization pathways through an in vivo imaging technique Dylan M. Parker; Robert T. Williams; Erin Osborne Nishimura High Honors
Sarah Sanders   Characterizing Interactions Between MK-2 and Phosphatidylcholine Liposomes Gaia Bublitz; Kaitlin Doucette; Debbie Crans High Honors
Matthew Schilz Maddie Musich; Colton Castro; Lydia Akalu Role Function in College Students with Self-Reported Psychosis Symptoms Michael Thomas; John Duffy High Honors
Emily Sikora   Mouth Listening: Exploring the Role of the Oral Cavity in Anuran Hearing Dr. Kim Hoke; Rachel Fleming College Honors
Gabriella Smuts   Regulation of Anti-Reactive Oxygen Species (Anti-ROS) proteins in the moulting gland (Y-organ) of the blackback land crab, Gecarcinus lateralis   Highest Honors
Meghan Stettler   Cloning, expression, and purification of the three Ferredoxin proteins found in Thermococcus kodakarensis Thomas Santangelo Best in Show
Jovan Vincent   The effect of salinity on escape performance in two closely-related species of euryhaline fishes, Poecilia reticulata and Poecilia picta   Best in Show
Samantha White   Harnessing the Wheat Curl Mite Microbiota for Pest and Disease Control Punya Nachappa; Grace Borlee; Brad Borlee College Honors
Delaney Worthington   Going Viral: A Hands-on Look at Pathogens, Vaccines, and the Immune System Andrew Warnock Service Learning Award - Second Place
Grant Zimmerman Andrew Dutch The Doctor is Out: Continuing Education to Improve Patient Care and Physician Health Jana Raadik Cottrell High Honors
First Name Last Name Co-Authors Poster Title Mentor(s) Award
Allison Hare   One Step at a Time - The Nervous System's Bayesian Approach to Sensory Uncertainty Tyler Whittier; Brett Fling Highest Honors
Brielle Hermstedt   Allocation tradeoffs resulting from an immune challenge in individuals of different metabolic rates   College Honors
Kristin Hinsen   Nitric Oxide: A Potential Alternative Therapeutic for Pediatric Cancer Jenna Gordon; Melissa Reynolds Best in Show
Emily Kramer   Examining the Developmental Trends of Inhibition during Go/Nogo Task in Children Using Electroencephalography Patti Davies; Bill Gavin Best in Show
Hadassah Mendez   The effects of valproic acid on δ-catenin and the onset of autism Seonil Kim Highest Honors
Jamie Pang   Perception of Diagonal Patterns via Lingual Electrotactile Stimulation has a Positive Correlation to Arrangement of Fungiform Papillae on the Human Tongue  Dr Leslie Stone-Roy College Honors
Raegan Petch   Spillover of Feline Leukemia Virus from domestic cats to North American pumas Sue VandeWoude  Highest Honors
Keely Thomas   Fecal Microbiota Transplant Alters Vascular Function in Germ-Free Mice Chris Gentile; Raj Trikha; Kayl Ecton College Honors
Marshall Thomas   Establishment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ΔleuΔpan as a BSL 2 model for Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv membrane extracellular vesicles. Nicole Kruh-Garcia; Joanie Ryan College Honors
Tiffany Tran   cGMP-dependent protein kinase II knockout mice show altered vocalizations and may serve as a model for speech impairment in microdeletion 4q21 syndrome Seonil Kim; Leslie Stone-Roy College Honors
First Name Last Name Co-Authors Poster Title Mentor(s) Award
Courtney Doherty   Biomimetic Scaffolds to Study Effect of Myocardial Stiffness on Mesenchymal Stem Cells Dr. Zhijie Wang; Michael Nguyen-Truong College Honors
Reed Featherstone Dixie Poteet Fighting Fort Collins Phosphorus: Using Aluminum-Based Water Treatment Residuals to limit phosphorus leaching from Bioretention Cells in Fort Collins. Tyler Dell High Honors
Abigail Fennell   Characterization of the microbiome associated with Culicoides sonorensis Brad Borlee; Grace Borlee High Honors
Emma Hurley   The Role of Toll-Like Receptor 4 in a Murine Model of Tendinopathy Katie Sikes; Kelly Santangelo College Honors
Alexander Lynch   A semi-automated system for measuring mass of Black Carbon particles on filter media Christian L'orange; John Volckens Energy Institute Award - First Place
Paula Mendoza Moreno   Sustainable Guayule Rubber Production in Arid Regions Evan Sproul; Jason Quinn High Honors
Paula Mendoza Moreno   Sustainable Guayule Rubber Production in Arid Regions Evan Sproul; Jason Quinn Energy Institute Award - Third Place
Mauri Richards Sarah Maclean; Justin Southerland; Kieran Simske; Mauri Richards Optical Neurolink Dr. Kevin Lear; Dr. Susan Hunter Highest Honors
Sean Smith   Rapid Photothermal Frontal Polymerization of Thermoset Composites Dr. Mostafa Yourdkhani; Morteza Ziaee High Honors
Tracey Wick   Combined Influence of Polydopamine and Copper-Based Metal-Organic Framework on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenators Yanyi Zang; Melissa Reynolds Best in Show
First Name Last Name Co-Authors Poster Title Mentor(s) Award
Emma Balunek   Priority Area Survey of Colorado’s Newest State Park  David Anderson Highest Honors
Alexa Binkley T. Clees; C. Bridger; S. Fogarasi; A. Hundley; S. Kerrick; R. McDevitt; M. Meyer Shelter or not to shelter: the effects of cover varieties on juvenile Burbot growth rates  C. Myrick; B. Vaage  Highest Honors
Ryan Bridges   Understanding Rainy Season Onset and Cessation in Western Uganda Jonathan Salerno High Honors
Ryan Bridges Christina Lilligren; Sam Myer Local Forecast Accuracy and the Implications to Smart Irrigation Technology Steven Fassnacht College Honors
Ryan Bridges   Understanding Rainy Season Onset and Cessation in Western Uganda Jonathan Salerno Energy Institute Award - Second Place
Kaitlyn Langemeier   Hemp Virome Revealed and an Insider's Look at Beet Curly Top Virus Distribution in Colorado Judith Chiginsky; Punya Nachappa; Cris Argueso College Honors
Chenfan Li   Ants in Yellowstone National Park Sarah Whipple; Gillian Bowser College Honors
Sydney McAndrews   Characterization of tyrosine kinase receptors from the Y-organ transcriptome of the blackback land crab, Gecarcinus lateralis  Don Mykles; Vanessa Bentley College Honors
Marcee Meinhardt   Historic Fresh Snow Density in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA Steven Fassnacht High Honors
Katherine Millman Kat Millman; Hailey Levea Juvenile Mexican night-sergeant (Abudefduf declivifrons) populations affected by tide pool depths at Los Cerritos Beach in Baja California Sur, Mexico Kate Huyvaert College Honors
Damian Moya   How Weather and Precipitation Effects Pronghorn Use of Water Guzzlers in the Northern Utah Test and Training Range Jennie Anderson; Christi Gabriel; Helen Trice Best in Show
Sierra Simpson   Stakeholder Perspectives in Advance of a Discussion on Wolf Reintroduction in Colorado ‘a Social Science Analysis’ Mireille Gonzalez  High Honors
Naomi Stevens   Amphibian Recognition Techniques and Effect on Population Dynamics Randall Boone High Honors