Continuing Students Scholarships

Many CSU colleges and departments offer financial support to their students through scholarships awarded each spring. In most cases, students need to complete the CSU scholarship application (CSUSA), available on RAMweb by December 1st. Check your college and department website for additional information about individual scholarships.

There are several scholarships offered through the Honors Program. These are typically offered in the spring semester and are normally awarded to students for their senior year. The Honors office will send information about the application process for these scholarships to eligible students.

The Honors Enrichment Award Program is designed to provide funding for enhanced educational opportunities for Honors students. Funds are available to support group and individual enrichment opportunities. Opportunities must be academically enriching for the group or the individual student. Visit the Honors Enrichment Award Program page for more information.

 2015 Richardson Honors Scholarship winners with Jack and June Richardson

Honors Students are also encouraged to apply for one or more of the prestigious national scholarships awarded to undergraduate students and students planning to attend graduate school. Email Mary Swanson, CSU's Coordinator for Nationally Competitive Scholarships. She will be happy to help you with application materials for these scholarships. Be sure to contact Mary early; several of these foundations limit the number of applications it will receive from any one institution, so CSU will often set an internal scholarship deadline that is earlier than the national deadline.Top Undergraduate Scholarships are listed below. To learn more about graduate opportunities, visit CSU's website for Office of Scholarship and Fellowship Advising

We have additional scholarship, internship and summer research opportunities listed here as well. Students who are looking for financial assistance for Study Abroad should go here

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Honors Program Scholarships

Nationally Competitive Scholarships