HONR 192

(4 credits)
  • Taken Fall semester of freshman year
  • Orientation component taught by peer mentors

HONR 193

(3 credits)
  • Typically taken in the Spring of freshman or sophomore year
  • Fulfills AUCC Requirement 1A (Intermediate Writing)

HONR 292

HONR 292A (3 credits):
  • Fulfills AUCC Requirement 3A (Biological and Physical Sciences)
HONR 292B (3 credits):
  • Fulfills AUCC Requirement 3B (Arts and Humanities)
HONR 292C (3 credits):
  • Fulfills AUCC Requirement 3E (Global and Cultural Awareness)

HONR 392

(3 credits)

  • Taken junior year
  • Fulfills 3 credits of AUCC Requirement 3B (Arts and Humanities)

HONR 492

(3 credits)
  • Taken senior year
  • Fulfills AUCC Requirement 3C (Social and Behavioral Sciences)

HONR 399/499

HONR 399 (1 credit):
  • Usually taken one to two semesters before HONR 499
  • Introduces the process of designing and completing an Honors Thesis
HONR 499 (3 credits):
  • Ideally taken during the second to last semester
  • Fulfills AUCC Requirements 3D and 3E for Track 1 students (Historical Perspectives and Global and Cultural Awareness) 

*Also SPCM 200 for some majors