Enrichment Award


The Honors Enrichment Program is designed to provide assistance with funding for enhanced educational opportunities for Honors students. Funds are available to support group and individual enrichment opportunities. Opportunities must be academically enriching for the group or the individual student.

The following is a list of potential opportunities that may be supported through the program. Examples of enriched learning opportunities include:

- Leadership development programs
- Research, scholarship, and artistry activities
- Cultural events
- Community service activities
- Participation in academic conferences
- Short-term study or research abroad (offered through official programs).

Individual Enrichment Award Application pdf .doc
Group Enrichment Award Application pdf .doc 


Application Criteria

For full consideration applications should be received by Nov. 1st for Fall and Feb. 20th for Spring and Summer. Students and groups may apply throughout the year for enrichment awards. The application forms for the Honors Enrichment Award (both individual and group) can be downloaded (below). Applications must include a complete description of the enrichment request and a statement about expected benefits and estimated costs.

Students who meet the following minimum criteria are invited to apply for an individual and/or group award. The student(s) should be:

- Enrolled full time at Colorado State University, and
- Currently in good academic standing with the Honors Program.


 Applications for individual and group enrichment activities should fit within the following categories for each:

Individual Enrichment
- Leadership, research, scholarship and artistry opportunities
- Travel to academic conferences
- Officially sponsored short-term study or research abroad
- Support for prestigious scholarships and awards applications

Group Enrichment

- Community service
- Cultural events
- Speakers and presenters for clubs or organizations

Requests for funds related to the Honors Thesis should be submitted using the Thesis Improvement Grant Application (available on the forms page.)

Value of Awards and Number of Applications Per Year

The amount of the awards will range from $100 to $400 depending on the educational value. Students may request an enrichment award even if the total cost of the enriching activity exceeds $400.

Individuals or groups (e.g., Honors Student Association) may receive one Honors Enrichment Award per year. However, if an application is not approved, another application may be submitted during the same academic year.

Award Criteria

Applications for Enrichment Awards (both individual and group) will be reviewed by the Honors Award Committee and they will be approved on the basis of educational merit, benefits in relation to cost, and the availability of funds. In the case of equal merit, priority is given to first-time applicants.

Samples of requests which are generally NOT approved are:

- Requests for tangible items or equipment (like laptops, digital cameras or IPODs)
- Funding for personal travel or vacations
- Tuition for courses

Students who receive a Thesis Improvement Grant are not eligible for an Enrichment Award in the same academic year.

Samples of recent Enrichment Award requests which were approved include:

Alternative Spring/Winter Breaks

- Catalina Island, CA for environmental preservation and education projects.
- Samburu, Kenya to work with survivors of gender-based violence in the women's village.
- Washington, D.C. to participate in efforts to eliminate homelessness.
- Kanab, Utah to volunteer at the Best Friends Animal Society animal sanctuary.

Volunteer Projects
- Participate in medical relief projects in India
- Volunteer with medical clinics in Guatemala
- Preservation of the Manzanar National Historic Site in Independence, CA.
- Interview medical personnel in New Orleans on the effects of natural disasters on the health care system.

Internships and Leadership
- Training Paul W. Zuccaire Internship at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France
- Walt Disney World College Program
- U.S. Senator in Washington D.C. office
- Outward Bound Wilderness Course
- Leadershape Leadership Institute

- International Leadership Training Program

Study Abroad 
- Costa Rica
- Australia
- The Netherlands
- Spain
- Czech Republic
- Japan
- Great Britain
- Italy
- Chile
- Hungary
- Semester at Sea

Research Presentations at Conferences and Meetings
- Western Society of Weed Science
- Biomedical Engineering Society (as recipient of the BMES 2007 Undergraduate Research and Design Award)
- University of Oklahoma Philosophy Conference
- Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students
- Radiation Research Society Annual Meeting

Post-Enrichment Report

All students and groups receiving an Enrichment Award are required to submit a Post-Enrichment Report to the Director of the University Honors Program. The report should describe and explain the benefits of the educational enrichment. All Post-Enrichment reports are published on the Honors website.