The Faculty Honors Council (FHC) consists of eleven voting members: one from each of the eight colleges, one from the Libraries, a student representative from the Honors Students Association, and a faculty representative from the University Honors Program. The Honors Program Director and Assistant Director serve as ex officio members. FHC members participate actively in the formulation of academic and administrative policies of the University Honors Program and serve as an advisory board to the University Honors Program Director.

AY2023-24 Faculty Honors Council

College Name
College of Agricultural Sciences Vamsi Nalam
College of Health and Human Sciences Jen Krafchick
College of Business Bill Shuster
College of Engineering Carmen Menoni
College of Liberal Arts Kevin Foskin
College of Natural Sciences Dan Graham
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Carolyn Meyer
Warner College of Natural Resources Stuart Cottrell
University Libraries Rob Sica
Honors Student Association Caroline Elliot
University Honors Program John Kitchens 
University Honors Program Emily Morgan (ex officio)


  • To recommend revisions in the Honors Core Curriculum.
  • To recommend all courses bearing the HONR prefix.
  • To recommend all sections of Honors seminars required for University Honors Scholars.
  • To recommend revisions to existing Honors Program courses.

Members of the FHC also serve as liaisons between the Honors Program and their respective College Curriculum Committees, administrators and faculty.


The FHC consists of ten voting members: one from each of the eight colleges, one from the University Libraries, and a student representative from the Honors Students Association (HSA). The UHP Director and Assistant Director serve as ex officio members. 


The representatives from the eight colleges and the University Libraries are appointed by the Deans of their respective units; they serve for a three-year term and can be reappointed. The student representative is the president of the HSA and serves a one-year term.

In the spring semester of the academic year, one-third of the representative positions are subject to selection or reappointment for the following academic year. The three groups are selected in the following order:

  1. Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Business (SP21)
  2. University Libraries, Natural Resources, and Liberal Arts (SP22)
  3. Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Health & Human Sciences, and Agricultural Sciences (SP23)


In the spring, UHP Director will first determine if the representative wishes to be reappointed for another term on the FHC. The Director will then contact the Dean of the representative’s unit to solicit their assistance in selecting/reappointing a representative for a 3-year term starting the following fall. The representative is copied on the email.

If a member resigns from the FHC or cannot serve for one or more semesters, the Dean of the representative’s unit appoints a replacement for the length of the remainder of the term or for that semester(s).


The responsibilities of the Chair are to (1) in consultation with the Director, solicit agenda items, compose, and distribute an agenda to the FHC at least one week before the scheduled meeting and (2) conduct the FHC meeting. The Assistant Chair assumes the responsibilities of the Chair, should the Chair be unable to perform those duties.


The two positions are elected from the nine members of the FHC; the student representative is not eligible. The terms are 1 academic year for both positions. Persons are nominated for Chair by the FHC membership and must receive at least 5 votes by secret ballot. If none of the candidates receive the required number, a run-off election between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes is conducted. The process is repeated until a single candidate receives at least 5 votes. The same process is followed for the Assistant Chair, after the Chair is elected.