Faculty Honors Council

The Faculty Honors Council (FHC) consists of ten voting members: one from each of the eight colleges, one from the Libraries, and a student representative from the Honors Students Association. The Honors Program Director and Assistant Director serve as ex officio members. FHC members participate actively in the formulation of academic and administrative policies of the University Honors Program and serve as an advisory board to the University Honors Program Director.

Responsibilities of the FHC include:
To recommend revisions in the Honors Core Curriculum.
To recommend all courses bearing the HONR prefix.
To recommend all sections of Honors seminars required for University Honors Scholars.
To recommend revisions to existing Honors Program courses.

Members of the FHC also serve as liaisons between the Honors Program and their respective College Curriculum Committees, administrators and faculty.

Spring 2017 Faculty Honors Council

College of Agricultural Sciences Jane Stewart
College of Health and Human Sciences Jennifer Krafchick
College of Business Margarita Lenk
College of Engineering Carmen Menoni
College of Liberal Arts Roze Hentschell
College of Natural Sciences  
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Candace Tsai
Warner College of Natural Resources Stuart Cottrell
University Libraries Rob Sica
Honors Student Association Kayla Ashland
University Honors Program Diane Burton (ex-officio)
University Honors Program Don Mykles (ex-officio)