At graduation, the Honors Scholar Designation on your transcript and diploma: signals your outstanding academic and personal achievements, as well as the strength of your work ethic. This can give you an advantage on graduate, medical, vet or law school applications, or when seeking employment throughout your career.

Honors Graduation Ceremony

This celebration is for Honors students and their guests. It is separate from the college commencement ceremonies.The Honors ceremony takes place the Friday of Finals week. The Honors Office will send an invitation to the student's email address we have on file. Guests are limited to five; if you want to bring more than five guests, we will accommodate the request as long as seats are available. Thesis advisers and Honors faculty members will receive a separate invitation to attend this ceremony and do not need to be included in your count of guests. At this ceremony, you will receive your Honors medallion, which is yours to keep. The commencement regalia should only be worn at the college commencement ceremony and not at the Honors Graduation Ceremony. Graduates should dress appropriately for the Honors ceremony (business casual).



Candidates for Honors Scholar are eligible to wear a green robe, black Honors stole, and Honors medallion at their college commencement. Order your Honors regalia online (, then pick up the green robe and black Honors stole during the university-wide regalia distribution times. The robe and stole are to be returned following your college commencement ceremony. The Honors medallion is presented to graduates who attend the Honors Graduation Ceremony (or can be picked up in the Honors Program office) and is yours to keep. Students who are candidates for Latin distinction (such as summa cum laude) but who are not in the Honors Program wear gold robes. Only Honors students wear the green robes, and then add gold cords if they also are a candidate for Latin distinction.The commencement regalia should only be worn at the college commencement ceremony and not at the Honors Graduation Ceremony.


All Honors students who complete the Honors core curriculum are candidates for graduating with the designation of University Honors scholar (track 1) or Discipline Honors scholar (track 2). After all grades are in, if you have met all Honors requirements and your final cumulative GPA is a minimum of 3.456, your diploma will contain the Honors scholar designation. But all Honors candidates are invited to attend the Honors Graduation Ceremony and are eligible to wear the Honors regalia (green robe, black stole, Honors medallion).


Commencement Booklet - The University-wide printed commencement program contains an Honors section. This will include name, majors, minors, and thesis details.

The Rocky Mountain Collegian - The newspaper will have a section to congratulate the candidates for Honors Scholar. 


Before and after the Honors ceremony, there will be a slideshow that will include the students' name, thesis details, and photo of the student. 

College Ceremonies

Visit CSU's commencement website and your college's website or the dean's office for more information.

Please contact the Honors Office with any questions.