Honors Option


Option Form
We've updated our process! Please note you must fill in the online option form, and no longer need to fill out a paper form.

Honors Option

The Honors Option enables an Honors Student to convert a regular course into an Honors course when the instructor and the Honors Student agree on an additional enriching academic experience. The Honors Option may be selected to fulfill the requirements of the Track 1 Curriculum (two courses in the major) or the Track 2 requirements (up to six credits of the twelve credits in the major). 

Enriched Academic Experience

The enriched academic experience is equivalent to approximately one credit of academic work. The honors option should allow students to pursue their intellectual interests and gain more knowledge about topics related to the course while fostering one-to-one interactions among faculty and Honors students. Some examples of course enrichment for Honors Options are listed below. In addition to these, there are many other possibilities.

A research paper
Additional experiments in a laboratory
Written reviews of books or professional journal articles
An oral presentation to the class or another appropriate audience
Additional creative artistry
A service-learning activity that is connected to the course's academic content
A design project

If registered in an Honors Section (220 Section), you do NOT need to complete an Honors Option for that class.


The Process:
1. Ask the professor if he or she will allow you to Honors Option the class.
2. Fill out the Online Honors Option by the end of the second week of the term. The student and professor agree on the scope of the enriching educational experience and determine a plan for completion. The specific requirements and due dates for completing the enriching educational experience must be clearly stated on the Honors Option form.
3. The instructor must sign the Honors Option form electronically by the end of the third week.
4. The Honors Program Director must approve it electronically.
5. Check the status of your option by logging into the Honors option form



The grade for the Honors Option will be the combined grade for both the regular portion and the Honors Option portion of the course. The course instructor is responsible for assigning the grade.

Please Remember: Once an Honors Option has been agreed upon, the student is expected to fulfill the specific requirements of the Honors Option agreement as well as the course requirements to receive honors credit for the course. Your professor's approval is required if you do not intend to complete an honors option you have registered for.