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Honors Freshmen Fall Welcome

The Honors Fall 2017 Welcome was an amazing start to the new year. It began with a discussion lead by Honors faculty, and focused on Dr. Kurt Fausch's book “For the Love of Rivers”. Dr. Fausch then presented a lecture for the incoming Freshmen class.


Faculty Firesides

Fall 2018 Firesides

As of October 11, 2018.

Date Time Name, Department Title Where
 09/07  4:00pm  Don Mykles, Biology  What's a Marine Biologist Doing in Colorado?  Fireside Lounge
 09/11  3:00pm  Dan Baker, Engineering  Intentional Wandering in Your Career Path  Fireside Lounge
 09/17  4:00pm  Jana Raadik, Honors  On Multiple Realities  Fireside Lounge
 09/20  4:00pm  Margaret Miller, Honors (Alumna)  Honors: My Social Home & Intellectual Awakening  Fireside Lounge
 09/25  3:30pm  Jen Krafchik, HDFS  My Peace Corps Experience  Fireside Lounge
 09/27  4:00pm  Tom Siller, Engineering  The Great Myth of Sustainability  Fireside Lounge
 10/01  4:00pm  Nancy Henke, Composition  Why Students Should Know About (and Care About) Labor Issues in American Universities  Fireside Lounge
 10/02  4:00pm  John Kitchens, Liberal Arts  TBD  Fireside Lounge
 10/10  4:00pm  Susan Hepburn, HDFS  Autism Spectrum Disorder  Fireside Lounge
 10/11  5:00pm  Mo Moreira, TILT  Putting Meaning Behind the Research: Should Scientists Be Activists?  Fireside Lounge
10/17  7:00pm  Carl Zimmer  Visiting Honors Scholar LSC Ballroom
 10/22  4:00pm  Mary Swanson, TILT  Study Abroad Options  Fireside Lounge
 10/23  4:00pm  Patrick Shipman, Math  Math and Origami  Fireside Lounge
 10/30  3:00pm  Anne Marie Merline, Honors  How Humans Impact the Environment  Fireside Lounge
 11/01  4:00pm  Katherine Wormus  Multi-racial Identities  Fireside Lounge
11/05  7:00pm  Nicole Vieira  Honors Prof of the Year Lecture LSC Theatre
11/07  4:00pm  Kenny Ivie, Anatomy  Anatomy: It's All About You! Fireside Lounge
11/14  4:00pm  Doug Sheflin, History  TBD Fireside Lounge
11/15  3:30pm  Karla Gingerich  How I Learned a Language After College Fireside Lounge

Every fall the Honors Program invites faculty members to share their career paths, specific research interests, and life experiences with students. All the faculty firesides are held in the Honors Fireside Lounge unless otherwise noted. Please sign up to attend beforehand in the Honors Office.

Congratulations to the Honors Faculty Award Winners!

The Honors Prof of the Year Award was announced at the Spring Honors Graduation Reception. Tenaya Newkirk, Chemistry instructor, was chosen by Honors Student Association officers from a field of ten nominees. 

Thesis Presentations List

Dalten Fox

Major: Political Science
Title: Food Policy Councils: an Analysis of Their Strategies for Food Waste Mitigation
Location: Animal Sciences 130
Date and Time: 4/1/2019 1:00:00 PM

Aya Safira

Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Title: Localization and persistence of smart microcrystals in mosquito tissues as a novel technique for marking mosquitoes
Location: LSC Ballroom
Date and Time: 4/15/2019 10:30:00 AM

Erin Eck

Major: Health & Exercise Science
Title: Immediate Effects of Boxing Therapy on Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease Sufferers
Location: LSC Grand Ballrooms
Date and Time: 4/15/2019 10:30:00 AM

Anita Bancroft

Major: Nutrition & Food Science
Title: Relation of Physical Activity Levels and Diet in Adolescents
Location: 25th Annual CURC SHOWCASE (LSC Ballroom)
Date and Time: 4/15/2019 12:30:00 PM

Anna Phan

Major: Natural Sciences
Title: Raciolinguistic Influence on the Model Minority Myth through Storytelling
Location: NESB B302
Date and Time: 5/6/2019 10:00:00 AM


Upcoming Events and Important Dates

January 22
Spring Classes Begin

February 1
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February 8
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February 20
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February 22
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March 1
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March 16 to 24
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May 10
Spring Classes End
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May 13 to 17
Final Exams

May 17
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