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Honors Freshmen Fall Welcome

The Honors Fall 2016 Welcome was an amazing start to a new tradition. It began with a discussion focused on Dr. Temple Grandin’s “Thinking in Pictures.” Dr. Grandin presented a lecture for the incoming Freshmen class. We ended the Honors Welcome with the students volunteering on Thursday morning in different community services projects in the Northern Colorado area.  Below is Dr. Grandin’s lecture, “Helping Different Kinds of Minds to Solve Problems and Have Good Careers.” 


Faculty Firesides

Fall 2016 Firesides 

Date Time Name Title Where
9/8 5:00 pm Don Mykles "What's a Marine Biologist Doing in Colorado? Fireside Lounge
9/12 4 pm Greg Dickinson

"Don’t be Surprised if the City Burns:” Race, Everyday Life, and the Possibilities of the Academy

Fireside Lounge
9/14 4 pm Tori Crain “Sleep“ Fireside Lounge
9/20 4 pm Brian Jones

"Different Visions: How Different Animals See the World"

Fireside Lounge
9/26 4 pm Tom Siller "Why Me?" Fireside Lounge
10/4 4 pm Andrea Purdy "Casting your Career Net Farther- Second Language and Education Abroad" Fireside Lounge
10/5 4 pm Jen Krafchick "My Peace Corps Experience" Fireside Lounge
10/19 TBA Melissa Reynolds TBA Fireside Lounge
10/24 4 pm Carl Burgchardt “A Teacher’s Journey to Italy” Fireside Lounge
10/26 4:30 pm Mark Brown

"Life as a Biomedical Researcher"

Fireside Lounge
10/27 4 pm Melissa Edwards and Mary Swanson

"Getting Involved: Research Opportunities at CSU and Beyond"

Fireside Lounge
11/1 5 pm Dale Lockwood

"You and the Planet: How do 7 Billion of Us Get Along with the Earth?"

Fireside Lounge
11/2 4 pm Robert Kling

Honors Students on Semester at Sea"

Fireside Lounge
11/7 5 pm Julia Khrebtan "Culture, Self, and Other" Fireside Lounge
11/9 TBA Todd Donavan Developing Your Personal “Brand” Fireside Lounge
11/16 7 pm Pam Vaughan Knaus Honors Prof of the Year Lecture  LSC Theatre

Every fall the Honors Program invites faculty members to share their career paths, specific research interests, and life experiences with students. All the faculty firesides are held in the Honors Fireside Lounge unless otherwise noted. Please sign up to attend beforehand in the Honors Office.

Congratulations to the Honors Faculty Award Winners!

The Honors Prof of the Year Award was announced at the Spring Honors Graduation Reception.  Pam Knaus, Honors and History instructor, was chosen by Honors Student Association officers from a field of ten nominees. 

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Honors Fall Welcome for 1st year students August 16
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