University Honors Program


Honors Freshmen Fall Welcome

The Honors Fall 2017 Welcome was an amazing start to the new year. It began with a discussion lead by Honors faculty, and focused on Dr. Kurt Fausch's book “For the Love of Rivers”. Dr. Fausch then presented a lecture for the incoming Freshmen class.


Faculty Firesides

Fall 2017 Firesides

As of September 18, 2017

Date Time Name Title Where
9/7 4 pm Stephen Mumme "Crossing Boundaries - An Interdisciplinary Journey" Fireside Lounge
9/18 4 pm Jamie Neilson TBA Fireside Lounge
9/25 4 pm Jennifer Richards TBA Fireside Lounge
9/26 4 pm Jen Krafchick "Peace Corp" Fireside Lounge
8/28 4 pm Don Mykles "What's a Marine Biologist Doing in Colorado?" Fireside Lounge
10/4 4 pm Sean Bryan TBA Fireside Lounge
10/5 4 pm Dan Baker "Intentional Wandering in Your Career" Fireside Lounge
10/10 3 pm Gerry Callahan "Charlottesville, VA: The Biology and Pathology of Human Sciences" Fireside Lounge
10/11 5 pm Lauren Bates "It's OK to Not Have All the Answers" Fireside Lounge
10/17 4 pm Ashley Harvey "Romantic Attachments in Emerging Adulthood" Fireside Lounge
10/18 6:30pm Karolin Luger Visiting Scholar LSC Ballroom
10/23 4 pm Karla Gingerich "Semester at Sea" Fireside Lounge
10/25 4 pm Chuck Elkins "Afghanistan: A Personal View From a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer" Fireside Lounge
10/30 4 pm Lee Cooper "How WWII Shaped the World We Live in" Fireside Lounge
11/1 4 pm Aaron Shoulders "Intersection of Faith & Science" Fireside Lounge
11/7 5 pm Sonja Hollingsworth TBA Fireside Lounge
11/8 7 pm Tenaya Newkirk Honors Prof of the Year Lecture LSC Theatre

Every fall the Honors Program invites faculty members to share their career paths, specific research interests, and life experiences with students. All the faculty firesides are held in the Honors Fireside Lounge unless otherwise noted. Please sign up to attend beforehand in the Honors Office.

Congratulations to the Honors Faculty Award Winners!

The Honors Prof of the Year Award was announced at the Spring Honors Graduation Reception. Tenaya Newkirk, Chemistry instructor, was chosen by Honors Student Association officers from a field of ten nominees. 

Thesis Presentations List

Jo Buckley

Major: International Studies, History, Spanish
Title: Aspects of Spirituality Informing Community Work: A Phenomenology in rural Jalisco, Mexico
Location: Clark C 101
Date and Time: 3/1/2018 11:00:00 AM

Kathleen E. Wendt

Major: Human Development & Family Studies
Title: Intra-individual moderators of mindfulness training on parental physiological regulation
Location: Behavioral Sciences Building 459
Date and Time: 4/27/2018 1:00:00 PM

Nicole Ferreri

Major: Health and Exercise Science (Sports Medicine)
Title: The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
Location: Moby B 204
Date and Time: 4/30/2018 2:00:00 PM