Congrats to the Honors Faculty Award Winners!

Honors Prof of the Year Award: Gerald Callahan

Honors Adviser of the Year Award:  Fred Hoerndli


Honors Freshman Fall Welcome

Honors Freshman Fall Welcome

Honors Graduation Recognition Ceremony

Honors Graduation Recognition Ceremony

Every fall the Honors Program invites faculty members to share their career paths, specific research interests, and life experiences with students. All the faculty firesides are held in the Honors Fireside Lounge unless otherwise noted. Please sign up to attend beforehand in the Honors Office.

Fall 2019 Firesides

Date Time Name (Department) Title
9/10 4:00pm Shane Kanatous (Biology) Winter Break in Honduras with Dolphins
9/17 4:30pm Don Mykles (Biology) What's a Marine Biologist Doing in Colorado?
9/24 4:00pm Anne Marie Merline (Honors) People, Planet, and Purpose: Why Climate Change Matters
9/30 4:00pm Caitlin Martin (CSU Health Network) Stress Less
10/3 3:30pm Karla Gingerich (Psychology) Ten countries, four months, and the experience of a lifetime: Semester at Sea
10/14 4:00pm Nicole Vieria (Honors) Get Outside
10/15 4:00pm Ryan Bailey (Civil & Environmental Engineering) Careers in Hydrologic Science
10/21 3:30pm Joseph DiVerdi (Chemistry) Why Experimental Science and Laboratory Courses are so *^&*$^ important to Society and to You
10/23 4:00pm Jim Hurrell (Engineering) Reflections on My Personal and Professional Journey to CSU
10/24 4:00pm Doug Sheflin (History) Fireside Chats & the Art of Presidential Communication
10/28 4:30pm Jen Krafchik (Honors) Peace Corps Experience in the Solomon Islands
10/30 4:00pm Mary Swanson (TILT) Nationally Competitive Scholarships 101: An Introduction to Scholarships and Fellowships for Education Abroad, Internships, and Post Graduate Work
11/4 4:00pm Brian Jones (Physics) Different Visions: How Different Animals See the World
11/6 4:00pm Deanne Seitz (Sign Language instructor) All Things Deaf
11/6 6:00pm Jana Raadik-Cotrell (Honors) Multiple Realities
11/12 7:00pm Gerald Callahan Honors Prof of the Year Lecture1
11/18 4:00pm Emily Moore (Art History) The Road Less Traveled: Finding your Niche School and Life


1The Honors Prof of the Year Lecture will be held in the LSC Theatre

Thesis Presentations List

Chloe Beardsley

Major: Chemistry
Title: A real taste of research: Creation of a bilingual chemistry education kit to get students excited about analytical chemistry through real-life research applications
Location: NESB B302
Date and Time: 11/21/2019 6:00:00 PM

Blake Jackson

Major: Agriculture Economics
Title: Irrigated Agriculture in Colorado: An Uncertain Future
Location: DARE Conference Room (Clark B301)
Date and Time: 12/2/2019 12:30:00 PM

Haley Simpson

Major: Business Administration (Accounting & Corporate Finance)
Title: The Impact of Standard of Living and Governance on the Extent of Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Group of Twenty (G20) Countries: A Case Study
Location: Rockwell West 211
Date and Time: 12/3/2019 3:00:00 PM

Annelise Adolph

Major: Health and Exercise Science
Title: Perception and Exercise: Can your mentality affect your body?
Location: Moby B 213
Date and Time: 12/5/2019 4:00:00 PM

Baylee Schell

Major: Environmental Health and Chemistry
Title: Measuring U.S. Safety Climate Using the GSS Questionnaire for Worklife Survey
Location: Environmental Health 120
Date and Time: 12/10/2019 1:30:00 PM