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Congrats to the Honors Faculty Award Winners!

Honors Prof of the Year Award: Denise Apodaca

Honors Adviser of the Year Award:  Shivon Pontious


Honors Freshman Fall Welcome

Honors Freshman Fall Welcome

Honors Graduation Recognition Ceremony

Honors Graduation Recognition Ceremony

Every fall the Honors Program invites faculty members to share their career paths, specific research interests, and life experiences with students. All the faculty firesides are held in the Academic Village B110 unless otherwise noted. Please sign up using this Google Doc. There is a max limit of 12 students per Chat.

Fall 2020 Firesides

Date Time Name (Department) Title
9/22 5:00pm Kalyn Bonn, (Asian Pacific American Cultural Center) Identifying as an APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) at CSU
9/23 5:00pm Susan De Long (Civil Engineering) Predicting COVID Outbreaks by Monitoring the Sewer System for the Virus
9/24 5:00pm Melissa Edwards, (Office of Undergraduate Research & Artistry) The Power of Purpose
9/29 5:00pm Beth Seymour (Communication Studies) ACT Human Rights Film Festival
9/30 5:00pm Elliot Cooper (Collaborative for Student Achievement) Peace Corps in Ecuador
10/1 5:00pm Don Mykles (Biology) What’s a Marine Biologist doing in Colorado?
10/6 5:00pm John Pippen (Music) Social Privilege in the Musical Community
10/13 5:00pm Peter Erickson (German) Monument Wars: US memorials and monuments from a German Professor’s Perspective
10/14 5:00pm Margit Hentschel (Office of Service Learning) Mindful Compassion & Community Activism
10/15 5:00pm Phillip Quirk (Neuroscience) Scientific Career Paths
10/20 5:00pm Marti Amberg (Psychology) “Honest mom and dad my professor told me to goof off this weekend”
10/21 5:00pm Nicole Viera (Honors) Get Outside
10/27 5:00pm Mary Swanson (The Institute for Learning & Teaching) Nationally Competitive Scholarships 101: An Introduction to Scholarships and Fellowships for Education Abroad, Internships, and Post Graduate Work
10/29 5:00pm Tori Anderson (Soil & Crop Sciences) Fun Times with Plant Genetics!
11/5 5:00pm Valerie Smalls (Trees, Water, People)  Environmental/Restoration Work to Mitigate the Impacts of Climate Change within Tribal Communities
11/11 5:00pm Christopher Bell (Health & Exercise Science) The Ups and Downs of Health and Exercise Science Research, As Told in A Series of Short Elevator Pitches
11/16 7:00pm Denise Apodaca (Music)
Livestream from the LSC
Honors Prof of the Year Lecture1


1See this link for more details.