Past Jack and June Richardson Scholarship Winners
Year Name Major
2016/2017 Keith Christian Biochemistry
2016/2017 Alina Lugo Sociology
2016/2017 Tracie Van Horn Biochemistry
2015/2016 Jessica Knaus  Sociology
2015/2016 Kayla Moden  Environmental Engineering
2015/2016 Erin Conley  Physics
2014/2015 Eleanor Mock Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
2014/2015 Katherine Dirsmith Biomedical Sciences
2014/2015 Austin Broberg Biological Science
2013/2014 Forrest Craft Physics, Mechanical Engineering
2013/2014 Tessa Behnke Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
2013/2014 Katherine Aker Business Administration, Spanish
2012/2013 Jeff Wischhusen Biochemistry and Biology
2012/2013 Dayton McMillan Environmental Health
2012/2013 Kelly Mauser Physics
2011/2012 Christopher Nickell Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering
2011/2012 Kourtney McCarthy Biomedical Science
2011/2012 Cara Kulbacki Biomedical Sciences with Biomedical Science minor
2011/2012 Brent Brady Mechanical Engineering with Mathematics minor
2010/2011 Jenna Tarbett Biomedical Science
2010/2011 Jennifer Sneden Biomedical Science
2010/2011 Ana Senior Psychology
2010/2011 Cassandra Helms Computer Science with Mathematics minor
2009/2010 Ran Tao Chemistry
2009/2010 Elizabeth Mortensen Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
2009/2010 Travis Hall Political Science
2009/2010 Betsy Buechler Biochemistry
2008/2009 Jonathan Higgins Microbiology
2008/2009 Eric Golike Chemical Engineering
2008/2009 Ashley Fenn Zoology and Chemistry
2008/2009 Ashley Denney Biomedical Science
2008/2009 Bailey Beitscher Geology
2007/2008 Daniel Wilson Mechanical Engineering
2007/2008 Tania Valdez Sociology with Spanish minor
2007/2008 Francisco Tharp English and Spanish
2007/2008 Jacob Miller Microbiology
2006/2007 Katherine Griffith Zoology
2006/2007 Erin Flynn English with Spanish minor and Teaching Licensure
2006/2007 Karen Colbert Biochemistry and Music with Chemistry minor
2006/2007 Skye Bougsty-Marshall Economics and Philosophy
2005/2006 Lacy Wilson English with Teaching Licensure
2005/2006 Sara Werner Biological Science
2005/2006 Tess Houle Anthropology and Liberal Arts
2005/2006 Kimberly Cortez-Rodriguez Psychology with Spanish minor