Registration Tips


- Honors students in good standing, GPA above 3.0, have priority registration.

- Registration Ready should be ready midsemester.  Check to see if you have any holds or other obstacles that will prevent you from registering in Registration Ready. Also check your Degree Audit Report in RAMweb to make sure there are no mistakes there.

- Students have an advisor in their majors and minors. Advisor names are posted on RAMweb, if not check with the department. Some departments assign advising codes, so meet with your advisor early.  Don't wait until the last minute to see them, or you might not be able to register on time.

- Schedules and descriptions of the Honors seminars will be available on RAMweb and the Honors website midsemester.  

- The honors courses required for your major are listed on the honors website. The requirements for majors are listed on the college's websites.

- If a student wants to take more than 18 credits, Diane will need to give approval. Please email her with those requests and questions. Please note, that base tuition for CSU students remains the same from 12 to 20 credits but will increase once you reach 21 credits. See tuition tables for more information:

CO residents

More questions? Please check the CSU registration page.


Honors Option: make sure to fill out the online form.

Four Year Plan: pdf, .doc, or excel

Schedule Planning Grid