The Keller-Lawrence scholarship is provided by the late Paul Muller and his wife Clare Muller.

Past Keller & Lawrence Winners

Year Name Major
2019/2020 Samantha Lauth Anthropology, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
2019/2020 Lauren Fredeen Human Development and Family Studies
2018/2019 Natalie Bales Neuroscience
2017/2018 Hannah Powers International Studies, Psychology
2016/2017 Dillon Jarrell Biomedical Engineering
2015/2016 Colette Worcester Biomedical Sciences
2015/2016 Karli Nash Nutrition and Food Science
2014/2015 Deanna Cox Natural Resource Management, Journalism
2013/2014 Adam Allevato Mechanical Engineering


Past Muller Winners

Year Name Major
2012/2013 Lindsay Leech Biomedical Sciences
2012/2013 Allison Kotewicz Mechanical Engineering
2011/2012 Sarah Al-Najar Biomedical Sciences with Ethnic Studies minor
2011/2012 Coonor Jandreau Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology with Art minor
2010/2011 Beatriz Da Silva Chemistry
2009/2010 Autumn Sheridan Psychology with Business minor
2009/2010 Allen Sprague  History and English
2008/2009  Sandra Duwaik  Biological Science with English minor 
2006/2007  Sara Rohr  Psychology with Criminology minor 
2006/2007  Maegan Ulmer  English with Creative writing concentration 
2005/2006  Cori Knudten  History with Environmental Affairs minor 
2005/2006  Emily Hornback  Spanish 
2005/2006  Melissa Goss  Mathematics with Teaching Licensure 

A Willard Eddy scholarship award recognizes outstanding students in the Liberal Arts or students with significant contributions to the University Honors Program. Dr. Eddy, scholarship namesake, was a professor of Philosophy and founder of the Honors Program.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2019/2020 Austin Fearn Mathematics, Economics
2018/2019 Dalten Fox International Studies
2017/2018 Rachel Bench  Psychology
2017/2018 Rachael Worthington  Art, Journalism and Media Communication
2016/2017 Bergen Adair  English
2016/2017 Taylor Ellis  Journalism and Media Communication
2016/2017 Elizabeth Hale  International Studies
2016/2017 Kadin Kostelic  Art
2015/2016 Marina Rodriguez  Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
2015/2016 Erik Johnson  History
2015/2016 Caroline King Human Development and Family Studies 
2015/2016 Elizabeth Bruns Political Science
2014/2015 Karen Holcomb Biological Science with Mathematical Biology minor and Biomedical Engineering minor
2014/2015 Jason Pacini Physics and Journalism and Technical Communications
2013/2014 Noah Sandoval Engineering Education, Spanish
2013/2014 Jessica Lederhos Fine Art, Business Administration
2013/2014 Christof Bentele Psychology
2012/2013 Emily Dommermuth Biology
2012/2013 Maya Benko English and Education
2011/2012 Christina Welsby Psychology and Natural Sciences with Biomedical Sciences minor 
2011/2012 Annie Wallin Biological Sciences and Zoology with Spanish minor
2010/2011 Andreea Ericiulescu Math
2010/2011 Andrea Akers Anthropology
2009/2010 Joanna Harter Natural Resorce Recreation and Tourism
2009/2010 Allison Eden Environmental Communication with Spanish minor
2008/2009 Tara Schneider Liberal Arts
2008/2009 Elizabeth Keneski Psychology with Business Administration minor
2008/2009 Elin Franzen Biological Science with Spanish minor
2007/2008 Cori Wong Philosophy
2007/2008 Katie Lynch Philosophy and Biological Science with Spanish minor
2007/2008 Amanda Braun Spanish and Sociology with International Development Interdisciplinary Studies certificate
2006/2007 Will Tyler History and Philosophy
2006/2007 Rachel Pearsall Biological Science
2005/2006 Katie Telfer English with Political Science major
2005/2006 Erin Flynn Biological Science and Zoology
2004/2005 Stephanie Sindt Technical Journalism
2004/2005 Katherine Zartman Art
2003/2004 Paul Franco Philosophy
2003/2004 Brett Miller Music with french minor
2002/2003 Lindsey Sell Speech Communication with Sociology minor
2002/2003 Elizabeth Zimprich Psychology
2001/2002 Zachary Dance Chemistry with Music and Mathematics minors
2001/2002 Rachel Pinsker Psychology with Spanish and Religious minors
2000/2001 Timothy Shiner Psychology
2000/2001 Stephanie Ogden Liberal Arts with Russian and English minors
1999/2000 Nicholas Sherman Philosophy and Spanish
1998/1999 Laura David Mathematics and Teaching Licensure
1997/1998 Andrew Bean Natural Resource Management
1996/1997 Lynne Snyder Music with Teaching Licensure
1995/1996 Nadia Fischer English and Liberal Arts with German minor and Teaching Licensure
1994/1995 Eric Apjoke Philosophy

The Gladys Eddy Scholarship award of $3,250 recognizes citizenship, as well as academic achievement and leadership.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2019/2020 Claudia Perez Communication Studies
2018/2019 Bridgett Neff International Studies

The Students First Scholarship award is $3,000.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2019/2020 Danny Sanchez Civil Engineering
2018/2019 Jake Harmon Electrical Engineering
2017/2018 Arianna Delgadillo Psychology
2016/2017 Jesse Bain Anthropology
2014/2015 Cassandra Schorzman Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
2013/2014 Kimberly The Biomedical Sciences
2012/2013 Kristen Horsley Biomedical Sciences
2011/2012 Natalie Blackmer Animal Science with Spanish minor
2010/2011 Mary Dean Biology
2009/2010 Jennifer Roemer Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism
2008/2009 Anthony Bertilini History and Teacher Education with Political Science minor

The Spot's scholarship is provided by Julia Riegel.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2019/2020 Cassius Boyd Chemistry
2018/2019 Nolan Bunting Zoology

James Iacino, B.A. Political Science 2005 and M.B.A 2012, made scholarships of $1,500 available to students starting in 2017.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2019/2020 Henley Holland Equine Science
2019/2020 Rachel Johnson Natural Resources Management
2018/2019 Jonathan Ferry Biomedical Sciences 
2018/2019 Jonas Cox Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
2017/2018 Ashley Andringa Mechanical Engineering
2017/2018 Matthew Funk Biochemistry

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2019/2020 Hannah Hurlbut International Studies, Communication Studies
2019/2020 Sheridon Kelly Chemistry, History
2019/2020 Amanda Merkely Computer Engineering, Mathematics
2019/2020 Vladimir Munoz Business Administration
2019/2020 Grant Zimmerman Biochemistry
2018/2019 Alex Frickenstein Chemical and Biological Engineering

The Jack and June Richardson scholarship award recognized students with the potential for a significant future contribution and strong relationships with faculty mentors. The last year the scholarship was offered was the 2018 - 2019 academic year.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2018/2019 Morgan Bannert Animal Science
2018/2019 James Kelleher Biological Science
2017/2018 Olivia Luyties Biochemistry 
2016/2017 Keith Christian Biochemistry
2016/2017 Alina Lugo Sociology
2016/2017 Tracie Van Horn Biochemistry
2015/2016 Jessica Knaus  Sociology
2015/2016 Kayla Moden  Environmental Engineering
2015/2016 Erin Conley  Physics
2014/2015 Eleanor Mock Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
2014/2015 Katherine Dirsmith Biomedical Sciences
2014/2015 Austin Broberg Biological Science
2013/2014 Forrest Craft Physics, Mechanical Engineering
2013/2014 Tessa Behnke Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
2013/2014 Katherine Aker Business Administration, Spanish
2012/2013 Jeff Wischhusen Biochemistry and Biology
2012/2013 Dayton McMillan Environmental Health
2012/2013 Kelly Mauser Physics
2011/2012 Christopher Nickell Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering
2011/2012 Kourtney McCarthy Biomedical Science
2011/2012 Cara Kulbacki Biomedical Sciences with Biomedical Science minor
2011/2012 Brent Brady Mechanical Engineering with Mathematics minor
2010/2011 Jenna Tarbett Biomedical Science
2010/2011 Jennifer Sneden Biomedical Science
2010/2011 Ana Senior Psychology
2010/2011 Cassandra Helms Computer Science with Mathematics minor
2009/2010 Ran Tao Chemistry
2009/2010 Elizabeth Mortensen Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
2009/2010 Travis Hall Political Science
2009/2010 Betsy Buechler Biochemistry
2008/2009 Jonathan Higgins Microbiology
2008/2009 Eric Golike Chemical Engineering
2008/2009 Ashley Fenn Zoology and Chemistry
2008/2009 Ashley Denney Biomedical Science
2008/2009 Bailey Beitscher Geology
2007/2008 Daniel Wilson Mechanical Engineering
2007/2008 Tania Valdez Sociology with Spanish minor
2007/2008 Francisco Tharp English and Spanish
2007/2008 Jacob Miller Microbiology
2006/2007 Katherine Griffith Zoology
2006/2007 Erin Flynn English with Spanish minor and Teaching Licensure
2006/2007 Karen Colbert Biochemistry and Music with Chemistry minor
2006/2007 Skye Bougsty-Marshall Economics and Philosophy
2005/2006 Lacy Wilson English with Teaching Licensure
2005/2006 Sara Werner Biological Science
2005/2006 Tess Houle Anthropology and Liberal Arts
2005/2006 Kimberly Cortez-Rodriguez Psychology with Spanish minor