The Keller-Lawrence scholarship is provided by the late Paul Muller and his wife Clare Muller.

Past Keller & Lawrence Winners

Year Name Major
2021/2022 Irl Paulalengan Journalism and Media Communication
2020/2021 Lenka Doskocil Watershed Science
2020/2021 Franco Maranon Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2019/2020 Samantha Lauth Anthropology, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
2019/2020 Lauren Fredeen Human Development and Family Studies
2018/2019 Natalie Bales Neuroscience
2017/2018 Hannah Powers International Studies, Psychology
2016/2017 Dillon Jarrell Biomedical Engineering
2015/2016 Colette Worcester Biomedical Sciences
2015/2016 Karli Nash Nutrition and Food Science
2014/2015 Deanna Cox Natural Resource Management, Journalism
2013/2014 Adam Allevato Mechanical Engineering


Past Muller Winners

Year Name Major
2012/2013 Lindsay Leech Biomedical Sciences
2012/2013 Allison Kotewicz Mechanical Engineering
2011/2012 Sarah Al-Najar Biomedical Sciences with Ethnic Studies minor
2011/2012 Coonor Jandreau Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology with Art minor
2010/2011 Beatriz Da Silva Chemistry
2009/2010 Autumn Sheridan Psychology with Business minor
2009/2010 Allen Sprague  History and English
2008/2009  Sandra Duwaik  Biological Science with English minor 
2006/2007  Sara Rohr  Psychology with Criminology minor 
2006/2007  Maegan Ulmer  English with Creative writing concentration 
2005/2006  Cori Knudten  History with Environmental Affairs minor 
2005/2006  Emily Hornback  Spanish 
2005/2006  Melissa Goss  Mathematics with Teaching Licensure 

A Willard Eddy scholarship award recognizes outstanding students in the Liberal Arts or students with significant contributions to the University Honors Program. Dr. Eddy, scholarship namesake, was a professor of Philosophy and founder of the Honors Program.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2021/2022 Gunner McEntee History
2020/2021 Aiden Lewis Neuroscience
2020/2021 Caroline Wendt Mathematics
2019/2020 Austin Fearn Mathematics, Economics
2018/2019 Dalten Fox International Studies
2017/2018 Rachel Bench  Psychology
2017/2018 Rachael Worthington  Art, Journalism and Media Communication
2016/2017 Bergen Adair  English
2016/2017 Taylor Ellis  Journalism and Media Communication
2016/2017 Elizabeth Hale  International Studies
2016/2017 Kadin Kostelic  Art
2015/2016 Marina Rodriguez  Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
2015/2016 Erik Johnson  History
2015/2016 Caroline King Human Development and Family Studies 
2015/2016 Elizabeth Bruns Political Science
2014/2015 Karen Holcomb Biological Science with Mathematical Biology minor and Biomedical Engineering minor
2014/2015 Jason Pacini Physics and Journalism and Technical Communications
2013/2014 Noah Sandoval Engineering Education, Spanish
2013/2014 Jessica Lederhos Fine Art, Business Administration
2013/2014 Christof Bentele Psychology
2012/2013 Emily Dommermuth Biology
2012/2013 Maya Benko English and Education
2011/2012 Christina Welsby Psychology and Natural Sciences with Biomedical Sciences minor 
2011/2012 Annie Wallin Biological Sciences and Zoology with Spanish minor
2010/2011 Andreea Ericiulescu Math
2010/2011 Andrea Akers Anthropology
2009/2010 Joanna Harter Natural Resorce Recreation and Tourism
2009/2010 Allison Eden Environmental Communication with Spanish minor
2008/2009 Tara Schneider Liberal Arts
2008/2009 Elizabeth Keneski Psychology with Business Administration minor
2008/2009 Elin Franzen Biological Science with Spanish minor
2007/2008 Cori Wong Philosophy
2007/2008 Katie Lynch Philosophy and Biological Science with Spanish minor
2007/2008 Amanda Braun Spanish and Sociology with International Development Interdisciplinary Studies certificate
2006/2007 Will Tyler History and Philosophy
2006/2007 Rachel Pearsall Biological Science
2005/2006 Katie Telfer English with Political Science major
2005/2006 Erin Flynn Biological Science and Zoology
2004/2005 Stephanie Sindt Technical Journalism
2004/2005 Katherine Zartman Art
2003/2004 Paul Franco Philosophy
2003/2004 Brett Miller Music with french minor
2002/2003 Lindsey Sell Speech Communication with Sociology minor
2002/2003 Elizabeth Zimprich Psychology
2001/2002 Zachary Dance Chemistry with Music and Mathematics minors
2001/2002 Rachel Pinsker Psychology with Spanish and Religious minors
2000/2001 Timothy Shiner Psychology
2000/2001 Stephanie Ogden Liberal Arts with Russian and English minors
1999/2000 Nicholas Sherman Philosophy and Spanish
1998/1999 Laura David Mathematics and Teaching Licensure
1997/1998 Andrew Bean Natural Resource Management
1996/1997 Lynne Snyder Music with Teaching Licensure
1995/1996 Nadia Fischer English and Liberal Arts with German minor and Teaching Licensure
1994/1995 Eric Apjoke Philosophy

The Gladys Eddy Scholarship award of $3,250 recognizes citizenship, as well as academic achievement and leadership.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2020/2021 Kiyoshi Yamamoto Electrical Engineering
2019/2020 Claudia Perez Communication Studies
2018/2019 Bridgett Neff International Studies

The Students First Scholarship award is $3,000.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2021/2022 Anna Parry Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2020/2021 Taylor White English
2019/2020 Danny Sanchez Civil Engineering
2018/2019 Jake Harmon Electrical Engineering
2017/2018 Arianna Delgadillo Psychology
2016/2017 Jesse Bain Anthropology
2014/2015 Cassandra Schorzman Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
2013/2014 Kimberly The Biomedical Sciences
2012/2013 Kristen Horsley Biomedical Sciences
2011/2012 Natalie Blackmer Animal Science with Spanish minor
2010/2011 Mary Dean Biology
2009/2010 Jennifer Roemer Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism
2008/2009 Anthony Bertilini History and Teacher Education with Political Science minor

The Spot's scholarship is provided by Julia Riegel.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2020/2021 Natalie Montecino International Studies
2020/2021 Malini Desai Biomedical Sciences
2019/2020 Cassius Boyd Chemistry
2018/2019 Nolan Bunting Zoology

The Cilento Scholarship is provided by the estate of Elizabeth and Louis Cilento with the intention of funding awards for outstanding students.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2021/2022 Cavin Aldefer Environmental Engineering
2021/2022 Mali Desai Biomedical Sciences
2021/2022 Cierra Dobney Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2021/2022 Caitlyn Doyle Neuroscience
2021/2022 Aidan Lyde International Studies, Political Science
2021/2022 Rachel Masters Computer Science
2021/2022 Natalie Montecino International Studies
2020/2021 Savannah Babish Business Administration, Accounting
2020/2021 Caitlyn Doyle Neuroscience
2020/2021 Morgan Edstrom Microbiology
2020/2021 Aritza Vanessa Rivera  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2019/2020 Hannah Hurlbut International Studies, Communication Studies
2019/2020 Sheridon Kelly Chemistry, History
2019/2020 Amanda Merkely Computer Engineering, Mathematics
2019/2020 Vladimir Munoz Business Administration
2019/2020 Grant Zimmerman Biochemistry
2018/2019 Alex Frickenstein Chemical and Biological Engineering

James Iacino, B.A. Political Science 2005 and M.B.A 2012, made scholarships of $1,500 available to students starting in 2017. The last year the scholarship was offered was the 2019 - 2020 academic year.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2019/2020 Henley Holland Equine Science
2019/2020 Rachel Johnson Natural Resources Management
2018/2019 Jonathan Ferry Biomedical Sciences 
2018/2019 Jonas Cox Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
2017/2018 Ashley Andringa Mechanical Engineering
2017/2018 Matthew Funk Biochemistry

The Jack and June Richardson scholarship award recognized students with the potential for a significant future contribution and strong relationships with faculty mentors. The last year the scholarship was offered was the 2018 - 2019 academic year.

Past Winners

Year Name Major
2021/2022 Alexandra Hunter Business Administration
2020/2021 Anderson Worcester Computer Engineering
2018/2019 Morgan Bannert Animal Science
2018/2019 James Kelleher Biological Science
2017/2018 Olivia Luyties Biochemistry 
2016/2017 Keith Christian Biochemistry
2016/2017 Alina Lugo Sociology
2016/2017 Tracie Van Horn Biochemistry
2015/2016 Jessica Knaus  Sociology
2015/2016 Kayla Moden  Environmental Engineering
2015/2016 Erin Conley  Physics
2014/2015 Eleanor Mock Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
2014/2015 Katherine Dirsmith Biomedical Sciences
2014/2015 Austin Broberg Biological Science
2013/2014 Forrest Craft Physics, Mechanical Engineering
2013/2014 Tessa Behnke Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
2013/2014 Katherine Aker Business Administration, Spanish
2012/2013 Jeff Wischhusen Biochemistry and Biology
2012/2013 Dayton McMillan Environmental Health
2012/2013 Kelly Mauser Physics
2011/2012 Christopher Nickell Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering
2011/2012 Kourtney McCarthy Biomedical Science
2011/2012 Cara Kulbacki Biomedical Sciences with Biomedical Science minor
2011/2012 Brent Brady Mechanical Engineering with Mathematics minor
2010/2011 Jenna Tarbett Biomedical Science
2010/2011 Jennifer Sneden Biomedical Science
2010/2011 Ana Senior Psychology
2010/2011 Cassandra Helms Computer Science with Mathematics minor
2009/2010 Ran Tao Chemistry
2009/2010 Elizabeth Mortensen Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
2009/2010 Travis Hall Political Science
2009/2010 Betsy Buechler Biochemistry
2008/2009 Jonathan Higgins Microbiology
2008/2009 Eric Golike Chemical Engineering
2008/2009 Ashley Fenn Zoology and Chemistry
2008/2009 Ashley Denney Biomedical Science
2008/2009 Bailey Beitscher Geology
2007/2008 Daniel Wilson Mechanical Engineering
2007/2008 Tania Valdez Sociology with Spanish minor
2007/2008 Francisco Tharp English and Spanish
2007/2008 Jacob Miller Microbiology
2006/2007 Katherine Griffith Zoology
2006/2007 Erin Flynn English with Spanish minor and Teaching Licensure
2006/2007 Karen Colbert Biochemistry and Music with Chemistry minor
2006/2007 Skye Bougsty-Marshall Economics and Philosophy
2005/2006 Lacy Wilson English with Teaching Licensure
2005/2006 Sara Werner Biological Science
2005/2006 Tess Houle Anthropology and Liberal Arts
2005/2006 Kimberly Cortez-Rodriguez Psychology with Spanish minor