Student Life

"Being part of the Honors Program has made a Division 1 university of nearly 25,000 feel like a small college, with people I know personally and am able to talk to anytime I need help or have a question. I have been able to explore and build my leadership skills through the Honors Students Leaders Program, meet new people, network and build amazing friendships." - Christina, Political Science


Eli cosplaying Yasuo from League of Legends
Students in the fireside lounge
Kat Russo using CAD software to creat art using a 3D printer and a CNC mill

A survey of first year students at CSU, participants in the Honors Program and non-Honors students reported equal levels of satisfaction with their overall academic experiences and social integration into campus life. Despite the similarities between the two groups, several differences are apparent. For instance, participants in the Honors Program are LESS likely to drink alcohol, feel socially isolated, or perceive themselves as "just another number" on campus.

In addition, Honors students are more likely to do the following than students who do not participate in the Honors Program:
Speak up in class or discuss course content outside of the classroom.
Participate in a professor's research project.
Go to class.
Spend less time watching TV or playing video games.
Give a higher rating to the relevance of coursework to everyday life and future career plans.
Tutor a fellow student.
Perform volunteer work or community service as part of a class.
Be active in at least one student club or group.
Play a musical instrument or participate in intramural sports.