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Harvard Public Policy Leadership Conference

I've made it safely back to Fort Collins after an incredible weekend in Cambridge, MA for the Harvard Public Policy Leadership Conference. I had the opportunity to interact with some incredible faculty from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and amazing students from throughout the country dedicated to Civic Engagement. Additionally, the conference stresses the access to Harvard for people from all backgrounds for graduate school. For me, this conference provided the skills and pathway to a potential Master of Public Policy with opportunities for substantial financial support. Thanks again for sending this opportunity my way. Hopefully more CSU students will be able to attend in the future!

Semester at Sea 2017

Gabriella Vietnam

Honors student Gabriella is currently attending Semester at Sea at CSU. Follow along as she updates us with her adventures around the world!

Blog 1 - Vietnam
Blog 2 - Myanmar
Blog 3 - India
Blog 4 - South Africa
Blog 5 - Ghana

Interning in Man’e Village in Xishuangbanna Prefecture

Francis Commercon received the Spot’s scholarship for his summer internship in China. The project he is working on aims to clarify whether understory intercropping can restore soil health and biodiversity to rubber plantations. Stay up to date with Francis’ opportunity here.

Blog 1
Blog 2
Blog 3
Blog 4 
Blog 5
Blog 6

Shakespeare in Oxford

This is a blog following the adventures of nine Colorado State University Honors students in Oxford, UK. Keep up with their travels here. The students, led by Dr. Roze Hentschell, will:

    • Take a CSU Honors course, “Shakespeare in Oxford,” an experiential Shakespeare course. Students will read 4 plays, attend lectures by Shakespeareans from Oxford University, and see plays at the Globe in London (Taming of the Shrew and Midsummer Night’s Dream), by The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon (Hamlet), and by the Oxford School of Drama (Measure for Measure).

    • Take a one-on-one tutorial (like an independent study) with an Oxford Professor in the students’ specialized fields of study, arranged by our on site organization, the Oxford Study Abroad Programme. Students propose topics and are matched with an appropriate Oxford scholar. This is a unique opportunity for students to experience intense independent study under the guidance of an Oxford expert.

    • Take group field trips to Bath, Windsor Castle, and sites around Oxford.

  • Have status as “associate members” at New College, one of Oxford’s oldest colleges.

Zambia 2016 Blog- Bri and Rachel

Let the adventure begin! The departure is quickly approaching and I can’t believe it!  I still remember the snowy day that I got the acceptance email and immediately called my parents and now the day we leave is almost here!  As I think ahead into Friday and the coming weeks I have realized that I really have no idea what to expect beyond what the brochures and emails have told me—what will the landscape look like? will it be humid? how bad will the bugs really be? 

Blog Entry 1
Blog Entry 2
Blog Entry 3

Air Pollution and Health in Beijing

Honors student, Josh Ferreri, worked with Dr. Brooke Anderson for his Honors' thesis on a study of air pollution and health in Beijing. They received a small grant that gave them the funds to travel to Beijing to talk about his research with other researchers at the China CDC and with someone in the Environmental section of the US Embassy there (They used air pollution measurements collected from the Embassy roof). He also helped me teach workshops on R programming to the China CDC researchers. Awesome work Josh!

Community-Based Conservation Project in Tunkhel

I am currently in the midst of my Independent Study Project (a month-long course in which students study an area of their choosing).  I am studying the implementation of a community-based conservation project in a small village called Tunkhel.  I must say that Maria's colleague and former student, Batkhishig, as well as the rest of the MOR2 team have been very accommodating and helpful.  Read More of John's Mongolia Independent Study

Zambia 2015 Summer Study Abroad Blog- Alexandra, Jo, and Kathleen

13 people, traveling over 9,000 miles, all with a mission to learn beyond the classroom will leave for Livingstone, Zambia on Friday May 22nd, 2015. The three of us, as part of this group, will blog about the trip and our experiences. The group will spend three weeks in Livingstone volunteering with African Impact. We will work in local schools, with local health care practices, and with community programs. On weekends, we will have the opportunity to see some other parts of southern Africa such as Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. For some of us, this is the first time we have been this far from home. For most of the group, this will be our first time traveling to anywhere in Africa. For all of us, this trip is a dream come true.

Blog Entry 1
Blog Entry 2
Blog Entry 3

Archaeology Field School in Italy

I enrolled in the Summer Archaeology Field School through the Lorenzo de’ Medici Italian Institute (LdM) and Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies (CAMNES) to build my artistic, historical, and general scientific background through an interactive field school while also learning about the current Italian culture. While I fully expected to fulfill all of my desires for the course, the overall experience FAR exceeded my hopes for my month studying in Tuscania, Italy. I entered the multi-disciplinary course with goals in the three areas of scientific development, artistic understanding, and societal history and development, and am very satisfied with my findings in all three areas. Read More

Katie's Summer in Spain

I’ve recently returned from an incredible summer studying abroad in the lively city of Granada, Spain.  In high school, when I was still unsure of what I wanted to study and which college I wanted to go to, studying abroad had always been a definite in my future plans.  When the time came to pick a program and get the ball rolling on this experience, the excitement and nerves started accruing.  As a Spanish major, my sights had always been set on Spain-a Hispanic country rich in culture, history, and seemingly endless sites to see. Read More

Hello there, Hyderabad

Jennie is studying abroad in India for the Fall 2013 semester. To keep in touch she is keeping a blog of all things India. Check on her travels at

Trekking Across the Green Hills of Ireland

For my final Spring Break of my undergraduate career, I couldn’t have come up with a better way to spend the week than by traveling to Ireland to perform in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade with the CSU Marching Band! Whether we were playing for the locals in front of Kilkenny Castle or strutting the streets during the parade itself, everyone in the band (and the crowd!) was full of energy and ready to rock! The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was especially memorable, and it was amazing to see just how many thousands of people lined the streets in celebration of the day’s events. Read more about Nicole's Spring Break here

Emily Robitschek volunteered in Haiti with Papaye Peasant Movement

I went to Haiti for a week this February from the 3rd to the 10th to participate in one of the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice's service-learning programs in Haiti.  I volunteered with our Haitian partner the Papaye Peasant Movement, which promotes solidarity, self-reliance, community, and sustainable agriculture amongst Haitians living in the countryside. It was an eye-opening experience, and I learned that while Haiti is the poorest nation in the world and faces a lot of adversities, it is not solely defined by that label. I met and worked with a lot of wonderful, inspiring people, poured concrete, dug trenches, sang, learned a little Kreyole and broadened my world perspective. The experience also reminded me how curious I am about EVERYTHING, and much I love seeing new places and meeting people from other cultures--I definitely want to study abroad now even more than I did before going to Haiti! I also want to hold onto the heightened sense of gratitude, empathy, open-mindedness, and courage that I felt while in Haiti, and let those feelings propel me to new heights.  More information about the program can be found at

Sharking in Turks and Caicos

Boy what a rough life here on the island, HA!  We just got back from a coral ID session before our test tomorrow and have some free time before we take a tour of the fish processing plant! Last night we went "sharking" to tag juvenile lemon sharks for one of the directed research projects, I attached a picture of baby Amanda and I.  There are 36 students from backgrounds like environmental studies, marine science, biology, environmental policy, etc so that is helpful when it comes to studying for classes. Read more

Kayla is blogging and bungee jumping in Costa Rica.

Read Bienvenidos a Costa Rica here 

Italy and Olympic Basketball by Kellen Wittkop

As an underclassman, I planned to study abroad in Italy, immersing myself in the culture of arts, architecture, and fine wine. Unfortunately for me, I chose not to declare art or architecture as my major and never seemed to find an extra semester in my schedule. So I was downright elated when my former high school basketball coach, now the Assistant Director of the USA Women's Basketball program, asked if I was interested in traveling USA Women’s Basketball to Italy this past summer.

During summer of 2011, I spent two weeks in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center working with the USA Women's Basketball U16 developmental team. As a support staff, I helped set up for practices, run the clock, manage gear, and do all of the little yet necessary things to make a team run that I never appreciated as a player. Summer of 2012 presented an opportunity for the U17 developmental team - returning a majority of the players from the previous year - to travel to the World Championship tournament in Amsterdam. But first they would make a quick pitstop in Carole, Italy for an exposition tournament, and I was invited to go along as support staff. This pitstop provided me one of the best experiences of my college career, and I am forever indebted to my former coach and the USA Women's Basketball Program for including me on those wonderful 5 days. Read more...

Tessa trained in Madagascar

During the fall semester of 2012, I studied abroad with the School for International Training in Madagascar. My program focused on biodiversity and natural resource management, locally and globally. Read More

Avery Olson volunteers for Care for Zumbo

Care for Zumbo is an organization focused on improving the healthcare in the communities in the Zumbo district of the Tete province in Mozambique, Africa. Check out the Facebook page for more information.

Tonya Travels with HELP International to Uganda

I spent two weeks in Masese Uganda, which is a very impoverished village on the northern bank of Lake Victoria. The purpose of my trip to Masese was to begin researching a developing jewelry business for my senior honors thesis. During my time there I was able to meet many of the women who make the jewelry. These amazing women are beginning to lift their families out of poverty by making jewelry from recycled paper. They then sell it to the organization I traveled to Masese with, HELP International, who proceeds to sell the jewelry in America. HELP then uses all the profits from the jewelry to fund their community development program in Masese which includes a school, feeding program, adult business education, an orphanage and much more.

Engineers in Action Summer Trip to Bolivia

Taylor Scott and other CSU students travel to Bolivia to work with Engineers in Action to install and repair water systems in local communities. If interested in the trip, more information can be found on or email Taylor Scott.

 Sarika Steinhaus might be the only American CSU student fluent in Swahili.

With the help of the Honors Enrichment Grant, I was able to study abroad last semester in Kenya. The grant helped me pay for the cost of participating in the study abroad program and allowed me to have one of the most memorable experiences of my college career.

While in Kenya, I lived with two host families. I stayed in the capital city, Nairobi, with my first family where I was introduced to their culture, taught their language, and able to become part of the family. On the coast, I lived with a rural family where I used my language skills while totally immersed in a Swahili speaking community. I still consider myself part of both families and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to live and learn with them

In addition to learning the language and culture of my host country, I conducted an individual research project for the last month of the semester. Our program was focused on community health and development, so I conducted my research on the Islamic religion and family planning. I was able to do background research, work with medical professionals, and interview the public in order to compile a final product, a research paper that I presented to my advisors and classmates. 

This experience, with the help of the enrichment grant, gave me valuable experiences through seeing different communities especially in the aspects of health and development. It reinforced my plans to continue school for a career in healthcare, and encouraged me to keep traveling. I am so proud of everything I could accomplish during my semester in Kenya and grateful for the opportunity I was given.

Sarika Steinhaus
Post-Enrichment Report
Study Abroad in Kenya, Spring 2011

Honors Students in the Spotlight

Kathleen Wendt receives fellowship

Kathleen Wendt was selected to receive a 2018 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!


Kayla Wong creates Suicide Awareness Program "Remove the Masks"

This project started as a way for people to self-reflect on the difference between how they present themselves to others and what they are really dealing with based on how society says to think, feel, and act.  It has now evolved into a safe place for individuals to share their story and interact with others.  The main goal is to create a safe and supportive environment while also providing resources. 

Meg Dudenhoefer's Habitat For Humanity Thesis

Nick Dannemiller elected Order of the Arrow National Chief for 2014

Click here for the Order of the Arrow Press Release

Three CSU Honors students published in Scribendi

Congrats to Maya Benko, Lucy Horrall, and Matthew Ryder! A copy of the 2013 Scribendi is in the Honors office. More information about Scribendi can be found here.

CSU synchronized swim team gets 13th at nationals

Check out the Coloradoan Article

Joel Max will be in the Aisthesis Journal this spring!

Aisthesis is a multi-disciplinary, multi-genre undergraduate journal exclusively featuring the work of Honors students.

Dead the Musical April 11-21, 2013

For dates and times check here 

Collegiate Judging Teams and How They Work: A Chat with Betsy Larson


EcoCAR 2

Plugging in to the Future, is a three-year collegiate engineering competition and the only program of its kind. For more information about this engineering project click here.

Former Peer Mentor qualified for 2013 Skating Championships

more info in Coloradoan Sports Brief 

Honor student and friends start chapter of Best Buddies at CSU this semester. 

Best Buddies is an international non-profit dedicated to providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships, leadership development and integrated employment for people with intelle-ctual and developmental disabilities. The Best Buddies Colleges program pairs people with IDD in one-to-one friendships with college students in order to facilitate relationships that traditionally don't have the chance to develop. To learn more check out the Best Buddies website and Facebook!

Adam Miller featured in Collegian Article Parrot World

Read the article here

Peer Mentor takes on Longs Peak in an endurance adventure.

Full story of Noah's journey in the Coloradoan's Xplore.

Honors student president of new jousting club at CSU

Kryssi Miller is the president of one the newest clubs on campus. Check out what the Collegian said about the club.

Honors students compete in Chem-E Car National Competition

Carmen Van Wirt, Bria Boeggerman and Anna Jones are members of the 11 student team of engineering students competing at the Chem-E Car National Competition against 30 colleges this October... read more

Sam Lustgarten reaches his scholarship endowment goal is less than two years.

Sam founded the Always Remember Never Surrender Scholarship to benefit students interested in mental health and suicide prevention. Read the full story here.

Have you traveled anywhere exciting for Study Abroad? How about for Alternative Spring or Winter Break? Did you receive an Honors Enrichment Award or keep a blog? Tell us about it.