Most incoming freshmen will follow the requirements for Track 1. Track 1 satisfies the majority of the All University Core Curriculum (AUCC) categories. Students with at least 30 AP, IB, or college credits may decide to switch to the Track 2 pathway after their first semester. All incoming Honors freshmen are required to complete an Honors seminar (HONR192) in their first semester at CSU.

Track 1 students complete five Honors seminars (16 credits), two Honors courses in their major (6 credits); a Pre-Thesis  class (1 credit); and the Senior Honors Thesis (3 credits). The curriculum meets the AUCC requirements in the following five categories: written communication (1A), arts/humanities (3B), social/behavioral sciences (3C), historical perspectives (3D), and diversity and cultural awareness (3E). 

1. Integrated Core of Five Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars 16 credits
HONR 192: First-Year Seminar 4 credits
HONR 193: Seminar 3 credits
HONR 292: Seminar 3 credits
HONR 392: Seminar 3 credits
HONR 492: Senior Seminar 3 credits
2. Two Honors Courses in Department, College, and/or Major 6 credits
A sophomore level course (200-300) 3 credits
An upper division course (300-400) 3 credits
3. Honors Thesis or Project 4 credits
HONR 399: Honors Pre-Thesis 1 credit
HONR 499: Senior Honors Thesis 3 credits
Total 26 credits