Incoming Freshman

Incoming freshmen students with 30 or more transfer credits may decide to pursue Track 2. The student completes HONR192, HONR292, 15 credits of Honors courses/sections/options in the major; the Honors Pre-Thesis class (1 credit); and a senior Honors Thesis in the major (3 credits). A list of CSU course equivalents for AP and IB courses is available here.

Continuing/Transfer Student Pathway

This pathway (Track 2) is intended for CSU currently enrolled students or transfer students with at least 15 college credits. Transferring track 2 students complete 18 credits of Honors courses/sections/options in their major, an Honors Sophomore Seminar, a Pre-Thesis class (1 credit); and a Senior Honors Thesis (3 credits) in their major.

***Majors which do NOT currently have a Track 2 program include Construction Management, Data Science, Ethnic Studies, Family and Consumer Sciences, Geography, Landscape Architecture, Statistics, and Women and Gender Studies.***

1. Primary Seminar/Lower Division Honors Course 3/4 credits
Incoming First Year Students: HONR 192: Honors First Year Seminar 4 credits
Continuing/Transfer Students: Any course, any level 3 credits
2. Secondary Seminar 3 credits
HONR 292: Seminar 3 credits
3. Five Honors courses in the major 15 credits
One Honors course (200-300-400) 3 credits
Four Honors courses (300-400) 12 credits
4. Honors Thesis or Project 4 credits
HONR 399: Honors Pre-Thesis 1 credit
HONR 499: Senior Honors Thesis 3 credits
Total 25/26 credits