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Honors Fall Welcome for 1st year students August 16
Classes start August 21

Welcome to the University Honors Program!

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The goal of the Honors Program is to provide an enriched educational program of study for academically talented and motivated students at Colorado State University. Honors students benefit from small, discussion-based seminars taught by some of the University's finest faculty members, personalized academic advising, priority enrollment, opportunities for leadership, research and community service, and special scholarships. Many Honors students choose to live in one of our Residential Learning Communities.


If this sounds like the sort of college experience you are searching for, then the University Honors Program could be for you!


The Honors Program is open to students in all majors and offers a flexible curriculum through two curricular options.

The State of Honors - Director Don Mykles

The Honors DirectorWe are well into the spring semester. Our first-year students navigated their first semester well and returned with renewed confidence. Our sophomores have filled the second-year seminars, which are now part of the Honors curriculum. Our juniors are narrowing topics for their Senior Honors Thesis and identifying potential advisers in Pre-Thesis. Our seniors are wrapping up their Honors Theses and looking forward to graduation and moving on to new adventures. It’s great to have everyone back.

This is also the time for recruiting the next Honors class. When speaking with prospective students, I am often asked “Why should I participate in the Honors Program?” It’s an honest question that’s pretty one-sided; the student wants to know how she or he would benefit. My standard answer is that the Honors Program offers an enriched curriculum of small, discussion-based seminars and courses and the opportunity to create a Senior Honors Thesis on a project or topic of the student’s choosing. The curriculum is designed to foster development in professionalism, interdisciplinary learning, creativity & problem solving, and critical thinking. Simply put, the Honors Program mission is to help our students become better people. However, we also expect students to be actively engaged and give back. When reviewing applications we evaluate students not only for their academic abilities, but also for what each student would contribute to the program as we create a community of scholars that represents diversity of thought, culture, background, and experiences. More and more CSU applicants are recognizing the value of the Honors Program; our applications are up by more than 30% over last year. It looks like we will have a record number of students in the fall 2017 entering class!    

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