Mission Statement

2010 Lannea's Puzzle class

The University Honors Program guides the intellectual and emotional development of our students and instills in our students a lifelong love of learning. Students are encouraged to continually strive for excellence in all areas and we expect that our students have the highest intellectual and ethical principles. In short, our purpose is for all participants to achieve “an alert and growing personality, with a balanced system of values; a deep-seated purpose in life; a sense of responsibility for the future; and a dedication to good citizenship.”1

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The Honors Program at Colorado State University is over 50 years old and it still remains committed to the ideals envisioned by its founder, Professor Willard Eddy. In 1957, the same year that the University changed its name from Colorado A&M to Colorado State University, Willard Eddy created the foundations of the Honors Program. Today, the program continues to build on this framework by enrolling outstanding students and recruiting excellent teaching faculty; offering small classes, such as interdisciplinary seminars; and developing students' intellectual capabilities, personal talents, and character through curricular and co-curricular learning experiences. You can learn more about the history of the Honors Program here.

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Today, there are over 1,600 students participating in Honors with 384 new Freshmen students enrolling this fall. These students receive a world class education and the personalized attention typically found in a small college. The Honors Program faculty, staff, and students create a welcoming community of support, a home away from home, and the option to live in the Honors Residential Learning Communities in Edwards Hall and the Academic Village. The Honors Program sponsors leadership, service, and social activities to encourage an ethic of involvement.

Honors students enhance the undergraduate experience by improving the learning environment in classes and by participating in leadership, service, research, sports, artistry, and study abroad. Because Honors students enrich the entire undergraduate experience, the University has made the Honors Program one of its highest priorities. We encourage you to look at our website and learn more about us!

1 From a March, 1985 report by then Honors Program Director Dr. Murray Nabors