Apply to Honors

We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about applying to the University Honors Program (UHP) at Colorado State University. This page will help explain the admissions process for admission to the program.

The UHP has three possible entry points:
1. Most students enter the program as freshmen. They will satisfy honors requirements either by completing honors seminars and courses which substitute for general education (AUCC) requirements at CSU (Track 1) or by a more focused honors experience in their major (Track 2).  All incoming freshmen enter the program as Track 1 students.   Decisions about which path is more appropriate will be made during the student’s first year at CSU.

2. Students transferring to CSU from another institution may apply for admission to Track 2 if they meet specific academic requirements and are pursuing a major with a Track 2 program in that major.

3. CSU currently enrolled sophomores and juniors may be eligible for admission to Track 2 if they meet specific academic requirements and are pursuing a major with a Track 2 program in that major.   

Students applying to Track 2 after their first year must have a minimum 3.5 cumulative college GPA and be approved by both the Honors Program and their academic department. For more information about applying to Track 2, see the sections on Admission for Transfer and currently enrolled CSU students below.

The Honors Experience-Prospective Student Newsletter

The Admission Process for First Year Students

All incoming freshmen who wish to be admitted to the University Honors Program will need to complete a separate Honors application (in addition to the CSU application). The honors application is linked to the CSU Application for Admissions. Students who meet the minimum GPA to be accepted to the program will be invited to complete our additional Honors application. The minimum high school GPA required for admission to the Honors program is 3.7.  More detailed application instructions can be viewed here.

Preference for admission to the University Honors Program is given to high school students who have:
- Rigorous, extensive, and in-depth academic preparation in subjects such as Humanities, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and History. Most successful applicants have completed or are taking AP, IB, or dual college courses and have earned good grades in those courses.
Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Superb records of academic achievement as indicated by grade point average, class rank, and standardized test scores.
An application narrative and a recommendation that show promise for high academic achievement in university work.
Special accomplishments, life experiences, and talents (for example, service and leadership) that add diversity to the incoming class.
- A desire to participate in, and contribute to, an honors community.

All incoming Honors freshmen receive a $1000/year Honors scholarship after they are admitted and confirm that they wish to participate in the program. Additional university merit scholarships are also awarded to qualified students. Students who wish to be considered for these merit scholarships are strongly encouraged to apply to CSU by the early action deadline (December 1) to receive full consideration. CSU application materials (application, transcript, test scores, and recommendation letters) must be complete by February 1st to be eligible for most merit scholarships. For more information on freshmen merit scholarships and deadlines, please see the Office of Financial Aid website

The Admission Process for Transfer Students

Incoming transfer students who have been admitted to CSU are invited to apply to the program if they have demonstrated records of high academic achievement at the college level. The minimum college cumulative GPA for consideration in the UHP is 3.50. Students in this category should receive an invitation to apply and instructions for completing the Honors application process or may contact the program directly for additional information. 

The appropriate curricular path for most transfer students will be Track 2. These students must be admitted to the program jointly though the Honors Program and their departments, and complete Honors courses and a thesis in their major. The recruitment and admissions process is coordinated through the University Honors Program, but the final admission decision is made by the student's academic department.

The Admission Process for Currently Enrolled CSU Students

The criteria for admission into the UHP for currently enrolled students are similar to that for transfer students. To be eligible for admission to the Honors Program, a student will need at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA at CSU. Students who are encouraged to apply to Track 2 by faculty in their department should contact the UHP office to obtain assistance with the application process. The final admission decision into Track 2 for currently enrolled students is made by the Honors Program and the student's academic department.